A Summer Energy Saving Checklist To Follow

We all want our home to be energy efficient, right? However, we end up thinking that it is almost next to impossible to get one done correctly. Yet, with the help of a certain efficient checklist, it is always possible to make your home energy efficient.

Well, in simple words – energy efficient home means that you’re utilizing less energy to perform the same professions, ultimately lowering your home’s energy wastage and efficiently saving money. However, effectively improve the overall energy efficiency of home – it involves more than just utilizing less energy. It needs you to become acknowledged of how the energy being used, where it is actually wasted, and how it can be utilized efficiently and effectively in your daily routine.

We all know that as the weather warms up, there are chances that your electricity bills fluctuate. This is the time you don’t let your home bill showcase yet another chance to sweat. So, no matter, whether you are searching for energy-saving tactics for home or apartments, with the help of following some tips to conserve energy at home, you can easily cut down the unwanted rising energy bills at your home.

So are you all set to know how you can save up on the bills? 

Here we have mentioned some of the to-do pointers that will help your home be more efficient and save on energy.

Let’s get started…

Optimization of Water Heater

Well, take a moment to bring down the temperature your water heater stores water at, ideally at 120 degrees. Numerous families wrongly overheat their water. Consider the big picture: if you at any point turn your sink on to its most sizzling setting and can’t run your hand under the water, it’s excessively hot and you’ve squandered the energy it took to get it to an unnecessary point. Set your water heater to 120 degrees. You can save 4 – 5% on your water heating expenses by lessening your temperature setting by only 10 degrees.

LED Bulbs Plays a Vital Role

With the attempt of replacing the incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs installed in your home is an easy and efficient way to create an immediate impact on your home energy bill. Incandescent bulbs are highly inefficient: approximately 90% of the energy they use actually produces heat, not light, according to SmartEnergy. LED bulbs are much cooler, use 75% less energy and last 50 times longer, saving you lots of money, time and the headache of replacing your bulbs in the long run.

Go For Opting Air Dried Laundry

At whatever point you get an opportunity, try to air dry both your clothing and dishes. Exploit the warmer summer climate and dry your garments on a clothesline or a drying rack. Avoid the warmed dry cycle on your dishwasher and let your dishes air dry or dry them by hand. Staying away from the utilization of heat-generating appliances when you can save you energy and will help keep your home cooler!

Thermostat To Be Updated

Doing the change to a programmable thermostat gives you command over the temperature in your home when you’re not there, making it simple to diminish energy waste. Just timetable a programmable thermostat once, and it will wrap up, keeping your home agreeable when it counts and more energy productive during expedites and when the house is unoccupied. There are a few Wi-Fi-empowered thermostats that enable you to change your home’s temperature, regardless of whether you are not home.

Cover The Air Leaks

Do you know that even a smallest air leak can cause to large energy inefficiencies? However, to check for air leaks, burn an incense stick and carefully rotate around the perimeter of doors and windows – to observe where the cold air is entering the home, the smoke wavers, and heat is escaping. Well, you can try sealing the gaps with weather stripping or caulking materials. While a cold breeze is amazing in the summer, same way – in the winter it can mean you’re wasting more than 20 percent of your energy use. Hence, to rid your door of air drafts, try using a rolled towel or a draft snake under a drafty door.

Attic insulation

Insulation can represent the moment of truth your home’s energy proficiency. With the right kind and measure of insulation, you can stay away from spikes in energy bills during both the coldest time of the year and the hottest. Keep a reliably agreeable temperature in your home through and through with appropriate insulation.

Duel Paned Windows

Strategically open, close and cover your windows. Well, the light coming through your glass windows can enormously warm your home. Hence, it is advisable to keep your windows covered during the warmest portions of the day. This can assist in keeping your home cool and nice. Yet, once the warmth of the day has passed, open your home windows to let the air in, and then shut them in the day to capture that air for the following day.

Go For Pool Cover

If you have a pool, keep it covered. Covering your pool can fundamentally lessen (or even wipe out) heating expenses. Pools require a ton of support, which implies they are huge supporters of your energy bill. Basically keeping a pool warm can expand a home’s bill dramatically, so adopt the preemptive strategy and add a cover; it’ll take care of business without the additional utility expenses.


Well, from these big and small ideas, you can achieve the goal of making an energy efficient home easily. However, if you’re stuck up somewhere or not have any knowledge regarding energy saving, Mass Energy Expert is right here at your assistance. Get in touch with us to know more about it!

In addition to this, if you have any views regarding some unique tips as well – kindly share your experiences.

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