Case Study: Home Energy Assessment for Clark, Burlington


A home energy audit is considered to be a process of analyzing the way energy is used and identify regions where leakage can be minimized if not completely eradicate. A home energy audit consists of numerous tasks which can be carried out depending on the kind of energy audit and the operation of the audited facility. It started with review the conventional information of energy consumption which can be generated from the energy bills. This information is essential in order to understand the forms of energy used and their actual trend. However, once obtaining the data on energy consumption, the next step is to go for an energy audit program. These types of the program must start with a site survey in order to get data on the present amount of energy used. The energy used in such as lighting levels, running hours of air-conditioning, locations of unnecessary air-conditioning, unwanted power supply, leakage such as holes and gaps in windows and doors, unused power cables, and lighting due to unoccupied areas, chillers/pump scheduling and setting, temperature and humidity, efficiencies of machine and appliances and the regions of high energy consumption and the probability to lower the consumption should be recorded for future analysis. The home energy audit discussed in this case study purely relies on what I am sharing and how the home energy services are termed to be necessary to lower the unnecessary energy bills every month in your home. However, implementing the below-stated information for your home energy audit helps in many ways to different homeowners. Well, that also depends on whom you are hiring for your home. But if you’re hiring Mass Energy Expert for your home inspection as well as home assessment, the results are going to be great!

How did I get to know that my home needed an energy audit?

What is the toughest thing to face when you buy a home? Of course, the rising energy bills in these crucial times. If you’re seeing a rise in your monthly home energy bills and neglecting than you’re going on the wrong track. If you observe a rise in your monthly energy bills, this is the pure indication that your home needs an energy audit.

One fine day I was in a conversation with my friend and I just shared what kind of difficulties I am facing with my energy consumption. I had so many questions in my mind, such as:

  • Why am I getting higher energy bills every month?
  • What can be done to stop this rise in consumption?
  • Who can be best suitable for helping me out of this situation?
  • Do I really need a home energy inspection and audit and proper maintenance?
  • Who can I rely on making my home energy efficient?
  • And more.

Then my friend helped me suggesting the name of Mass Energy Expert for a reliable and efficient energy audit. However, I had second thoughts that will this company be proven for this work. So the first thing I did was research. By started to check out their website and read the testimonials, their case study, what actually people have experienced, how fruitful their energy audit tactics are, and more.

I started getting good vibes and thought of just giving them a call and explained my situation.

What Mass Energy Experts asked for before starting the inspection?

The first and the foremost things they asked for was for my monthly bills of the last 12 months for a general home audit. The general audit also called a mini-audit; complete site energy audit or site energy audit relies on the detailed information collected for the actual home energy consumption. It is gathered by performing a more detailed inspection of energy conservation measures identified in your home. However, energy consumption bills are accumulated for a 12 to 36 month period to help the auditor evaluate the home’s energy rate/demand rate structures and energy usage of your home.

Later they visited y premise for a live check of all appliances installed in the home, the HVAC system, the windows and doors, ceiling, attic, and more for noticing every leakage that can result for high energy consumption in my home.

However, with the help of proper inspected they identified the leakage problem and solved with a proven result. Yes, my energy consumption rate started decreasing and hence helped me save my money on energy bills.

Tips to manage a balance between energy consumption and usage:

  • Make sure your home lights are off if not in use.
  • Unplug the appliances when not in use. (ensure to off the switches)
  • It is important to have a proper amount of insulation in your attic and ceiling that can help you reduce the energy wastage.
  • Ensure that your doors and windows are properly packed and no gaps and holes are open to increasing energy consumption.
  • Make sure the walls of your home are properly insulated to keep you warm during cold weather and more use of heater can be avoided.

However, with the help of proper home assessment and following the above-mentioned tips shared by Mass Energy Expert, it was proven that they termed to be the best suitable home energy assessment company for my home. I highly recommend Mass Energy Expert for the home inspection and assessment to my friends, family, and everyone out there.

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