Monthly Bills reduced for Larry, Medford

Hello, I am Larry. I live in Meedford. I am here to share some of my experience with Mass Energy Expert and how they helped me in saving my energy bills every month.


Well, the energy crisis is termed to be one of the most common problems in the existing world. An energy crisis is a great blockage in the supply of energy resources. However, there has been an enormous increase in energy consumption products across the world. Since the early 2000s, the demand for energy-based supplies has been increased.

Yet, this problem can easily be solved with the help of installing energy-efficient appliances and equipment in your home. Energy conservation and use of energy efficient equipment can help in leading balanced energy bills of the homes. With the utilization of energy efficient measures in various sectors of consumption such as HVAC, heating and cooling systems, refrigeration, and lighting helps in efficient energy conservation.

Not only this, there are various problems that are faced by homeowners such as ventilation issues, attic problems, and more. Similarly, I was also going through such situations. I was facing a lot of problems with home energy bills as they were increasing day by day. For a few months, I examine the bills; however, with every changing month, it kept on increasing. This was the sign that I should look for a home energy assessment company that can help me get out of this situation.

I had many questions running back of my mind, such as:

  • Why I need a home energy audit performed?
  • What would be charges of an energy audit?
  • How will the company perform the tasks?
  • What are their strategies and processes for making a home energy efficient?
  • And more.

So, I started searching online on the internet about the reliable and efficient energy Assessment Company for my home. Yes, I encounter some of the efficient and reliable companies across; however, either of them was charging high or some had this long waiting period.

Then I came across Mass Energy Expert. They had good reviews and promising testimonials speaking about how the company is working. As mentioned above, I had many questions and was searching for a company who can answer all my questions.

So before I gave the contract of assessing my home, they helped me with a brief introduction about how energy efficient options help in reducing energy bills as well as making your home energy-efficient.

Let’s read what they mentioned about it:

By installing energy efficient appliances like lighting design with controls diminishing the power consumption and will be a major energy saving component along with commercial and residential sectors. An accurate light Design will have the option to percept the environmental factors and can decrease energy utilization. Additionally HVAC, Heating, ventilation and Air molding (HVAC) is a huge operating cost in business structures, representing 51% of energy use, an HVAC economizer is a dampered vent intended to save energy and offer the cooling system a break. Sensors inside the economizer differentiate the open-air temperature and stickiness and that inside the structure. If the outside air is adequately cool, the damper is opened to bring outside air in, in this; however, reducing the requirement for the mechanically cooled air. If the external air isn’t adequately cool, which is indicated by the Economizer’s sensors, the damper is closed.

Let’s see what they did next to make my home energy efficient.

The first and foremost thing they did was to inspect the entire home. Every small space, attic, roof area, HVAC system, windows, doors, and more. Once they finished inspecting the home; they started marking the spots that were the reason behind more energy consumption.

Once they notified the spots of leakage, they started working on the tactics and strategies that were useful to protect my home. With the help of properly implementing a professional energy audit in my home, it assisted me in many ways, such as:

  • I started receiving my energy bills to be less
  • With the help of their advice on installing new appliances and replacing the old ones helped in bringing down the electricity bill
  • By unplugging unused appliances and switching off the lights when not in use, helped in reducing the energy consumption
  • Covering the unwanted vents, holes in or around the doors and windows, installing n adequate amount of insulation in your attic and roof space has proven to be effective, etc.

Well, with the above-mentioned points, it would be clear why I opt for Mass Energy Expert for assessing my home. Their proven strategies and tactics helped me reducing my energy consumption bills, which ultimately resulted in reducing my monthly energy bills.

I highly recommend people (my friends, relatives, and neighbors) to hire Mass Energy Expert, whenever they are planning for a home energy audit or simply when they see a huge difference in their month to month energy consumption bills.

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