Reasons to perform a home energy audit

Like all other forms of audit, an energy audit of your home is also necessary if you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency. A home audit will outline the area from where the energy is leaking for the ones who don’t know. We at the Mass Energy Expert understand the importance of energy assessment of a home, and we try to convey this in every opportunity we get. We also recommend all our customers to perform an energy assessment of their homes at least once in 2-3 years to ensure maximum efficiency.

One day we got a query from someone named Mike, who lived near the city of Woburn. When we called him back, he started sharing the problems he has been facing one-by-one. Firstly, he said that he would soon go bankrupt if his bills continue increasing at such an alarming rate. Secondly, he cannot make his home comfortable enough during winter, regardless of the type of heating system he invested in. Thirdly, all his family members complained about discomfort during the harsh summers, and when he tried regulating the temperatures of his air conditioner, somehow things didn’t work out. Mike further claimed that these issues were troubling him for quite some time now, and he has been frantically trying to put an end to these problems.

After listening to the issues he was facing, we suggested a no-cost virtual home energy assessment to determine the roots of the problems he has been facing. We arranged a virtual home assessment session with Mike because he expressed his concern over letting others in his house during pandemics. During the session, with the help of an infrared camera and other advanced tools, we outlined the underlying problems in his attic, window seals and ceiling, and a few other areas. After this, we recommended the type of insulation and sealing he can use to prevent energy loss from those areas. We guided Mike through everything and also advised him to replace his existing light bulbs with energy-efficient ones. He placed multiple orders of insulation materials, light bulbs, and showerheads, and we delivered them on his doorstep just within a few days. Our team was with him to answer all his queries about the installation of the upgrades. Now after a few months, Mike again wrote to us to share his valuable feedback. Now he can save from his utility bills, and his house no longer feels like a cold dessert during winter nights.

He also said that if he had known about the following reasons to perform a home energy audit, he would not have to incur high power bills every month:

  • Determining the energy usage

You, like Mike, might have also been shocked after noticing high utility bills at some point in time. It acts as a warning to inform you that perhaps you have been using or wasting a lot of energy lately. Once you have understood why your house is wasting so much energy, you can bring in positive changes to improve the situation.

  • Understanding ways to save energy

Our expert will identify the areas in your home during the home assessment, which use the most energy. After analyzing the overall condition, our expert will tell you about how you can follow to prevent the high usage of energy. Based on the assessment findings, our expert might suggest replacing your kitchen appliances with energy-saving models, cleaning your air ducts, or changing your existing showerheads. With the energy auditor’s advice, you would understand more about the problems you face and what you can do to resolve them.

  • Saving money

If you are forced to spend most of your earnings paying utility bills, then your house has problems that you cannot identify. However, one of our expert auditors will not only identify the causes behind hefty power bills but will also advise you about the upgrades you need to install to save about 20-30% from your utility bills. If you incur a one-time investment on the upgrades we suggest during the no-cost virtual home assessment, your energy consumption will get reduced. As a result, you would be able to lower your power bills finally.

Contrary to popular opinion, a home energy assessment is applicable to old houses, but newly constructed property might also have some underlying issues. Our energy auditor would even check all the electronic appliances you use to suggest whether it is time to upgrade it.

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