What Things To Expect At The Virtual Home Assessment

You’re on your way to unlocking your home equity with Mass Energy Expert if you’ve already scheduled your virtual home assessment. This is a critical step in determining the current market worth of your house, collecting your instant equity figure, and any upgrades or repairs you should make before listing.

What is a virtual home assessment?

The virtual house assessment enables Mass Energy Expert to examine your property in greater detail in order to provide you with a more accurate home appraisal and establish your quick equity amount. This study will be utilised to design a listing strategy that maximises your price and buyer interest, as well as examining recent sales in your neighbourhood, current properties on the market, and your home’s unique attributes.

Your House Advisor or Listing Agent will also propose any repairs or upgrades you should make to make your home stand out and sell faster during your consultation. Knowing what your potential buyers are looking for can help you save time during the closing process.

What happens during the virtual home assessment?

The technique of doing a virtual house inspection is rather straightforward.

You’ll be asked to join a Zoom meeting on your phone with a qualified home expert who will walk you through showing them around your house. They’ll begin by asking you a few general questions about your home before asking you to take them on a tour of it, first with the main level, then the basement (if your home has one), and finally any further storeys.

Depending on the weather, you could be required to do a quick walk around the outside of your house before you leave. They’ll direct you where to stop during the assessment so they can take images and ask questions about that particular section of your home.

The best aspect is that you won’t have to expose your house up to everyone in order to get an accurate appraisal and find out how much equity you have.

How long does a virtual assessment take?

A virtual house evaluation takes about 30 minutes on average, but it can take longer or shorter depending on the size and features of your property.

During that time, our manager will be able to inspect and evaluate the complete residence. If any extra assessments are required, we will contact you to schedule them.

What happens after the virtual assessment?

Our experts will review the results of the virtual house assessment to estimate your instant equity figure, as well as any repairs or renovations you should consider before marketing your home. If you haven’t already arranged a consultation, a member of our Customer Experience team will contact you to arrange one.

Your House Advisor or Listing Agent will discuss a suggested list price for your home during your appointment. It’s critical to remember that you have complete control over the price we market your home for and the bids you accept.

You’ll be emailed representation documentation to officially begin working with Mass Energy Expert after you and your Home Advisor or Listing Agent finalize the offer and terms.

If you’re planning to use our Move First service to buy a property, now is the time to take the Home Match questionnaire if you haven’t previously. Every home on the market is compared to your preferences, such as if you require an open floor plan or a shorter commute to work. It’s a terrific tool to use while you’re shopping for a property because it increases your search results so you can quickly discover which homes you match with.

Benefits of Virtual Audits

Traditionally, a thorough in-home energy audit consists of a set of diagnostic tests that show inefficiencies. A blower door test, duct blaster, and/or infrared camera are commonly used by an energy specialist to determine where the home is losing energy and to give a combustion safety test for particular heating equipment. These diagnostic data are used to make suggestions, which could include air sealing, adding insulation, or replacing HVAC systems.

By contrast, virtual energy audits are essentially guided walkthroughs. Virtual examinations assist keep individuals safe during a pandemic, are tremendously handy, and are quite useful. They also boost a utility’s customer involvement, resulting in increased chances for energy and financial savings. Contractors make fewer visits to the home than are usually necessary for audits and follow-ups. Since deploying virtual audits, utilities and efficiency service providers have reported more cost-effective program operations.

What is the Step-by-Step Procedure?

An energy adviser may use video chat during a virtual audit visit to ask the homeowner questions and request that the phone or tablet camera be directed to examine regions of the home, appliance labels, lighting fixtures, and attic insulation levels. Following that, customized recommendations are made, which may include information on rebates available on any recommended work.

A virtual audit, however, cannot replace a comprehensive audit without diagnostic testing. Nonetheless, in these times of increased health concerns, it is a viable option–one that adds great value to the energy-saving process.

Customers are involved at every phase of the evaluation and are vital to every aspect of the virtual experience. The hands-on experience provides a wonderful educational opportunity to learn from an expert in the field of energy efficiency in a one-on-one situation.

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Check with your utility or energy efficiency service provider to see whether virtual energy audits are available. Some customer-friendly incentives are available. To learn more, go to your utility’s website. Mass Energy Expert is right here for you. All you need is to contact us for your virtual home assessment and that’s it!

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