Smart ideas for home energy savings

Saving on home energy consumption has become the need of the hour and with a lot of options available these days, it is easier to switch to using appliances that ensure energy savings. Here are some brilliant ideas that you can follow to reduce energy costs and save energy at home:

1. Use light bulbs that are energy efficient

Use energy saving bulbs to save extra annually and you will be able to save upto $100 in a year.

2. Use refrigerator that is energy efficient

The average home can save $250 in a span of 5 years if they update their refrigerator. Not only this, by using a new refrigerator you will be able to prevent up to 8,200 lbs of carbon emissions that are emitted by it.

3. Use a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats are intelligent devices which are extremely affordable and provide a great option for heating and cooling, especially when you live in a bigger home. With this, you will be able to save a lot in a year.

4. Use a smart water heater

You do not need to use a water heater all day, it is advised that you switch to the usage of smart water heater and program it according to your usage. This will also ensure that you do not use more than what you need.

5. Use low flow faucets

Use low flow faucets as they help in reducing the usage of hot water between 25% and 60%.

6. Use a hot water heater that has proper insulation

A non-insulated heater utilities a lot of extra energy that is required to heat water when compared to an insulted one. So, it would be better if you make a smart choice.

7. Use copper bottomed utensils

Copper is better at transferring heat than stainless steel. Cooking in such utensils utilises less heat which eventually means that less energy is consumed and energy bill is saved to a great extent.

8. Install insulated windows in your house

Windows can cost up to 10% of your home’s heat loss. You should make sure that your windows do not leak heat and result in an increase of your energy bill.

9. Change your old dishwasher

Older dishwashers use upto 10 gallons of water in every rinse cycle. If your dishwasher is a bit older – then it would be better if you upgrade it.

10. Switch to a tankless water heater

Tankless water heaters consume less energy when compared to traditional hot water reservoirs that are commonly used.

11. Get an audit for energy efficiency

Determine where you are losing energy and choose energy efficient solutions. Do an energy audit to understand what is costing you a lot.

12. Insulate the floors efficiently

Insulating the floors is extremely important as it can count up to 15% of heat loss of your entire home experience. In case you live in a small house, make sure that you get the insulation done on the wall interiors. If you stay in an older house, it would be better if you use foam insulation in addition to the plywood floated subfloor under your carpet.

13. Switch to Energy Star rated equipment

A/V systems often consume a lot of energy, it is advised that you look out for the energy star sticker present on equipment that you want to buy as it would use 50% less energy.

Follow these simple tips, and will surely be able to utilise home energy saver options and ensure less consumption.

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