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Quite simply, a home energy audit can help you understand how your home uses – and loses – energy through heating and appliance use. Also known as a home energy assessment, it can help determine just how much energy you use at home and how much energy you could save through simple fixes like insulation or appliance upgrades. A home energy audit is the first step towards making your home more efficient and comfortable to live in.

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Conducted by Professionals

Every one of our home energy audits is carried out by professionals who go into great detail to assess your home’s energy use. Through a room-by-room examination of your home and residences, our energy auditors discover what’s working and what’s not in your home. This includes a thorough examination of past utility bills, a blower door test and a thermographic scan. See below for a more detailed list of what our energy auditors look for and the special tools they use to determine where a home is wasting energy.

A home energy audit should be done before making energy‑saving home improvements

It's Easy as ABC!

What are the main steps of an energy audit?

An energy audit consists of 5 main steps that take place both at your home and at the auditor’s office:

Data collection

The auditor begins by collecting preliminary information on the energy consumption of a typical home relative to your home size, along with some technical details.

Field work

Once the basics have been determined, the auditor will visit your home to gather information on energy usage and efficiency, along with technical specifications of energy consuming equipment.

Analysis of energy consumption and energy accountability

The auditor will require detailed accounts of utilities in order to perform a spend analysis and determine target areas of home energy improvement.

Development of energy saving measures

The information collected enables the auditor to detect energy saving measures and to offer ways to reduce energy consumption.

Energy audit report

A detailed report on the audit, including methodology and suggested energy saving measures and recommendations.

After Completing the ASSESSMENT

After your assessment, Mass Energy Expert makes it easy to take advantage of various incentives, such as up to 85% off insulation work, rebates of up to $3,250 on qualifying energy-efficient heating, cooling, and water heating equipment.

If you are planning to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient, then it would be best to consult a third-party energy audit and get expert guidance. With Mass Energy Expert, you get assistance from the most experienced auditors who can provide you with the necessary guidance related to choosing the best services when it comes to home energy audit.​

Why Should You Get an Energy Audit Done?

If you are paying huge energy bills and still feel that you are uncomfortable in your home, during the winter and summer seasons, then it is time that you get the energy audit done. By using an infrared diagnostic energy audit, you will get a detailed report of the unique issues that might be occurring in your home and get them resolved. Most of the companies would suggest you regarding insulation and installing new windows- but with Mass Energy Expert, you will get to know the spots in your home where there is a need for insulation or just air sealing.

By doing an energy audit, you will be able to see the following differences:

What Does a Home Energy Audit Include?

Energy audit that includes Infrared Diagnostic provides a thorough scan of your home’s walls, ceilings, floors as well as it showcases the temperature differences that help in detecting the insulation and air sealing issues in your attic.

After the infrared analysis, a blower door test is carried out to assess the air infiltration, and air tightness. Doing so will help you gain information related to the amount of energy that gets wasted and the improvements that are required when the air sealing is completed.

After the blower door test, you can also get an optional Duct Blaster test done in your home in order to uncover the leaks that you might find in your home’s ductwork, which can result in energy wastage and cause discomfort when the heating and cooling systems are working.

Once 24 hours of home energy audit are completed, you will get a comprehensive report that outlines the areas of inefficiency along with the solutions related to it. This would eventually help in improving the energy efficiency, comfort, as well as save a lot of your energy expenses.

Why Should You Pay for an Energy Audit?

People often wonder as to why you should pay for an infrared diagnostic when you can get a free audit done.

It is found that companies that perform energy audits have some hidden agenda with them. They are often unclear about the recommendations and might even have certain issues associated with them. With Mass Energy Expert, you get expert analysis through an unbiased third-party. You won’t be sold anything irrelevant during the process, and you will get a thorough audit from their side. Moreover, you will also get a complete report of the improvements that are done in your home.

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