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We offer simple and comprehensive solutions to making your home greener, saving money on your energy bills and reducing heat loss throughout your home. We believe the easier it is to make your home more efficient, the more homeowners will get involved – and that’s good for us all. For the past seven years, Massachusetts has ranked #1 in energy efficiency. We’re proud to be leading the US in energy efficiency, but to keep it up, we need you on board. Let’s reduce costs and lower our carbon footprint together.

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Services Provided by us for Home Energy Assessment

Infrared Testing

Thermal imaging cameras help in determining the hidden areas where your home is losing energy.

Heating Equipment Testing

This helps in testing the safety and efficiency of your equipment. It also helps in determining the carbon monoxide levels in your home that might cause safety and health issues.

Screening for Eligible Energy Rebates

Partnership with local energy providers to ensure that you get energy-saving rebates that you qualify for.

Customized Home Energy Report

Detailed report related to energy assessment to ensure that you save more.

Blower Door Testing

Checking of air leaks and critical drafts within your home.

No-Cost LED Bulbs

Replacement of outdated incandescent bulb to save on the energy bills

Hot Water Saving Measures

Installation of faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads, and hot water pipe insulators

Professional Air Sealing

Get detailed information on the key areas of energy loss that are identified during the home’s Blower Door Test.

Programmable Thermostat

Control your home’s climate for using a programmable thermostat more efficiently.

Smart Power Strip

Plug the energy-wasting devices into energy-conscious power strip.

FAQs Related to Our Services

What is the Mass Save Program?

The Mass Save Program is available to Massachusetts homeowners to ensure that they get energy-efficient and electric/gas utilities easily available to them. If you sign up for this program, you will become eligible for receiving Free Home energy assessment, incentives, as well as rebates.

Is the home energy assessment really no-cost?

Yes, you become eligible for the Free Home energy assessment once in every two years. Once you receive the assessment, there is no obligation and catch on buying anything during the process.

What is the duration of home energy assessment?

Home energy assessment usually takes up to one or 2.5 hours of your time. You can schedule an appointment whenever you feel the need to.

What happens during an energy assessment?

Here are the following aspects that will be covered during the energy assessment:

What is included in Home Energy Assessment?

Home Energy Assessment can help in saving your monthly energy costs and ensure that your home is energy efficient as it usually takes up to two hours. Here is all that you can expect from the energy assessment of your home:

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