Why do you need a free virtual energy assessment of your home

We at Mass Energy Expert know the importance of enhancing the energy efficiency of your home. Our ultimate goal is to invent new ways and implement them to save more energy. However, not every homeowner would be able to see signs of energy wastage, and they would only realize the seriousness of this problem once their energy bills start soaring up. To understand whether your home needs an energy assessment, let’s take the example of Hannah, one of the most trusted customers of Mass Energy Expert.

Hannah consulted us on our website, and one of our experts gave us a call to know about the problems she was facing. When we talked to her, we found that lately, the amounts on her power bill have been skyrocketing, and she is unsure of this reason. We told her that this might be due to a ton of reasons, and because of this, she is also increasing the carbon footprint unknowingly. Hannah being an environmentally conscious individual, was very concerned regarding this, and she asked for immediate help. To address her problems, we had to assess her home and hunt out the hidden problems. Then she discussed how she is not going out anywhere and inviting anyone in her home due to the raging pandemic. One of our team members suggested that for energy auditing her home, we would not have to physically reach her home and look for energy leaks, etc. She was amused with our response and thought that maybe we intend to postpone the energy assessment. We dismissed all her thoughts and assured her that with the help of our virtual home assessment services, she neither has to go anywhere nor has she to open the doors for us, as we can determine all the issues she has been facing.

Hannah booked an appointment with us for the virtual home assessment, and we designated an expert for the session. On the day of the home assessment, our expert went through Hannah’s entire house and examined it using infrared camera technology and determined that the electric drains are leaking energy and until it is resolved, Hannah would not be able to improve the energy efficiency of her home.

Afterward, we were with Hannah throughout the process, right from choosing the type of insulation she wanted to install, wherever necessary. When the job was done, Hannah enquired about other probable reasons for getting an energy assessment of your home. We addressed the following reasons to answer all her questions:

  • Reducing carbon footprint

Since most of the households in Massachusetts still rely on combustible power sources like coal and natural oil. So, when we will identify your home’s energy leakage areas and recommend solutions, and you fix those, all the energy leaking will stop for good. This, in turn, will decrease your energy consumption and carbon emissions, thus leading to a reduction of your carbon footprint. So in this way, you will be able to do your part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by implementing the solutions we offer you.

  • Increasing the value of your home

You might not have plans to sell or lease your home at this moment, but it is always important to look for ways to enhance your property’s valuation. Facilities such as solar power systems, energy-efficient temperature modulation have the potential to boost the price of your property. If you plan to do these upgrades to your home now, it will pay you off your investment in the real estate market.

  • Improving the comfort levels

Hannah complained that she could never get her house warm during chilly winters, no matter how much she tried. This is very common, and it can happen due to underlying leakages in the heating and cooling system. When we heard about her problem, we were quite sure about its causes, and that is why we suggested she take us on a virtual tour of her home to recommend the type of insulation system required to fix this problem. About a month back, when Hannah shared her feedback with us, she was delighted to share that she and her family are finally getting comfortable, and even the air quality has improved a lot.

The best part about entrusting us with your home assessment is that it is no-cost, so you would not have to worry about finances in the first part. If you can relate to Hannah’s situation, then don’t hesitate to write to us as soon as possible.

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